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3 years ago

Unable to see response for all the rows uploaded via datasource

I have an excel file with 20 rows, 10 columns loaded into my readyapi request. The REST requesting is running all the rows, but the response is displayed for only one row out of 20 rows, how can I get response for all the N number of rows uploaded. 

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    Do you mean that the request only shows the data for the last row in the datasource?  If so, this is expected with data-driven tests.


    I'm assuming you have assertions on the test request step to validate the response.  If you want to record every response (e.g. one response per row in the datasource), then you will need a datasink step inside your loop.

    Another point, have you correctly configured the datasource loop step?  E.g. data source is the data source step and target step is the Rest request.

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      Hello MConneely,

      Thanks for your response. Yes! My test case setup is done in the same flow as you’ve mentioned

      Data source
      Rest request
      Data source loop,

      Request seems to pass all the rows successfully but the response seen is only for one row.