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3 years ago

Trial license can't be found after 2 days

Hi there,   we are investigating on a bunch of Rest API testing tools and ReadyApi so far is the most convincing. Unfortunately I cannot use my trial license since yesterday anymore. Out of a sudde...
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    3 years ago
    Hey LennSar,

    How long since you originally installed ReadyAPI....has it been 14 days, cos i read your post like the trial only lasted 2 days???

    Ok...heres the bit where im making a total guess. Smartbear recently changed their licensing approach for ReadyAPI. Originally you had 2 license types : floaters and per machine, per user fixed term using license key files.

    Rather than use these license key files Smartbear are going with ID based licensing (replacing the per machine per user option....dunno about if floaters have changed).

    So! I think whats happened is that ReadyAPI has decided your trial period has expired and its looking but doesnt recognise your ID.

    Total guess on my part, but it seems logical. If you still have 12 days left, you might want to contact Smartbear and explain.....they might work some magic. However if you installed it 2 weeks ago and only tried using it 2 days ago, i think youll have used up your time.