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10 months ago

Switch to ID based licensing stuck in a limbo

We are supposed to switch to ID based licensing from file based licensing before October, but we need action from Smartbears side:

our licenses are bought by a former manager whose email address is no longer available.

I mailed this question to Smartbear, but after some generic email I get no mail after follow up questions.

For several times I tried to call the helpdesk, but got no one on the line. I then called the sales number who promised to relay the question to the appointed help desk person.

I guess it is a matter of a few mouse clicks, but we get stuck in a limbo.

It seems we will get stuck with paid software not working anymore.

How can I fire up the helpdesk?

Regards, Albert

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    Hey AlbertSoapUI 


    This is probably a stupid question - but have you raised a support ticket via -->


    It can take a bit of time (couple of weeks), but I've always got answers when I've raised a ticket before now.


    The only other thing I can think of is if your company recreates the mailbox for the manager who left.  Considering the cost of the licensing, I can't imagine anyone who controls the budget is going to quibble over re-creating a mailbox for an ex-employee if it means resolving this issue, ya know?