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6 years ago

SoapUIPro Java Integration

Hello, I am having some trouble with the Java integration API provided by the ready-api-maven-plugin v2.4.0 with the same local version of ReadyAPI installed. 


Certain requests, no matter how they are encoded, are including an escaped return character "\r" on each line of the request body. i.e;

    "subject" : {\r
        "principals" : [\r
                "name" : "username",\r

etc, etc.


These tests work fine while running in ReadyAPI, but when called from java they are including these characters. I am using the SoapUIProTestCaseRunner, and I am having no luck finding a solution for this.


If anyone has any advice please let me know!

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    Something that might not be optimal but might be a work around is to not have the input request so "pretty".  Many JSON editors can switch between raw and pretty.  Maybe use an editor on the request JSON to get one line string  instead of individual lines broken by line-feed or carraige return characters that make it pretty.