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6 years ago

Compare 2 JSON responses in soapUIPRO/Groovy


I have generated REST responses using a datasource which contains 5 different input test data rows that populates the REST request. This test data contains Life insurance policy number, effective date which are the 2 main variables that drive the response values. This REST service quotes the value of the insurance policy as of a ceratin effective date.

I get succussful response on Day 1 and each response has about 15 different tags. On Day 5, I want to use the same test data and re-run my test but this time I want to check  if my Day 1 and Day 5 run has generated the same set of responses for all the 5 different test data. I also want to be able to extract differences if one of the test data does not get the expected result on the Day 5 run.


Please help.


Thank you.



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      Hi all,


      Nmenon81, do you have any updates for us? Does the topic that Nastya provided help? 


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        Thank you very much for this response. I will try this out.

        Can I also use this for comparing my JSON response to my JDBC response?