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6 years ago

SoapUI VERY slow in removing projects from workspace and opening projects

Good morning guys,


Hopeing someone can help. I've found SoapUI NG Pro 2.5 (Latest) VERY slow in removing projects from workspace and opening existing composite projects. In the range of tens of minutes per operation. My machine is pretty powerful too.


Any suggestions/ideas/recommendations/known issues?



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    Is this comparably slower than older readyapi! Versions?
    Im typing this out on my phone so cant provide a relevant link, but have you investigated altering the vmoptions file?

    This might help altering the readyapi! memory options.

    10mins does sound horrific. Have you launched task manager to monitor mem and cpu usage at all?


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      Thanks for the response Richie,


      It appears considerably longer on Ready API 2.5. Project opening is taking circa 30/40 minutes! Looking at task mgr it's at about 16% CPU and 600meg ram or so, nothing major. I do notice 3 instances of "BrowserCore Chromium Native Process" running also running at 0% CPU and circa 10/20 meg ram a piece.


      I'm going to log a support ticket on this, had a look at logs and nothing obvious.