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3 years ago

Smart Assertions do not work in TestEngine, response values are null



When I am taking test scripts , with many smart assertions (very handy feature) tracking 100's of nodes from responses for each step, and running in the ReadyAPI GUI application, there is no issue and the results are as expected, all the assertions within each Smart Assertion is triggered and passed when values match (fails when they don't match as well)


Now, when I am now moving to running these scripts through TestEngine, None of the smart assertions seem to work, they are all immediately failing, using 'null' as the received value for every field in smart assertion.  However, the response is still being sent and can be verified through the reports, and the values are available when using 'Contains' or 'XPath Match' or other typical Assertions.  Below is a screen where i just try 1 node/value with a smart assertion, and the same node/value with Xpath match and also the value within a contains assertion.  The rest pass, just the Smart assertion fails, and I have tried with XML and JSON responses, it is the same.  


Are Smart Assertions compatible with TestEngine? (v 1.24.0) Is there something specific that needs to be setup for them to work?  Adding all of the assertions back manually 1 by 1 will be a large effort.  Best Suggestions?



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