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3 years ago

Should the floating license be deactivated if the tests are run in a pod?



I have some tests that are using a soap ui pro license. This tests gets the licenses  using ready-api-license-manager-1.3.3.jar.

Should the licenses be deactivated at the end of the run if tests are runned into a pod witch it is destroyed at the end?

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    Hey TestSoapUIPro,

    Im a little confused by what youve said, but i think i understand, but im probably going to repeat some stuff thats obvious to ensure i understand correctly.

    You say you have some tests that are using the licensed option and in your post title you mention floating and you also mention a pod that is getting destroyed at the end.

    Youre using ReadyAPI im assuming as youve posted in this forum. ReadyAPI is the licensed version of the open source SoapUI and you mention something getting destroyed at the end, so im guessing youre using docker containers and if this is the case you need to use a floater rather than the fixed term for your user agent ReadyAPI instance.

    If i understand your situation correctly, then the amswer is "no". You dont need to do anything with the floater once your container has been destroyed. The reaaon you need a floater rather than fixed term with containers is that there's no way to authenticate the licensing for a fixed term when continually bringing down docker/docker-compose. The floater should be picked up from your license server automatically when needed (when youve spooled up a container) and released when the container is dropped.

    Hope ive helped. If i havent answered your question properly then respond back with more details and i'll try filling in the blanks.