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6 years ago

Saving Security Test Request and responses



Can someone help me on how to save the Security test Rest request and response in the event handler script?

Do I need to add a groovy script assertion to save the response?

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    Have you checked soapui logs to see if does show any?
    What type of Security test are you running?
    You try to use tcpmon between soapui and your server to see the same.
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      I had another look with the event hander/script I use to capture the RAW request/response for every step and can confirm the script doesn't record ANYTHING for the sec tests.


      My script records everything (API related) executed at project, testsuite and testcase level.  If you just execute teststeps, my script doesnt record anything.


      I noticed that if I highlighted the project level and the project contains normal API test and sec tests associated with a specific testsuite - the sec tests were NOT executed. 


      This 'I think' this appears to indicate that the sec tests have different action/event handlers underneath the ReadyAPI! covers? As far as I can tell - you have to highlight the sec test itself to execute it - there's no other way of doing it, despite the fact the sec test is associated 



      I executed an example of every sec test and can confirm they write to the HTTP log - but that's it and I didnt have the time to try and work out how to force an error to check if errors are logged.


      anyway - thats all Ive got!



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        Thank you, nmrao and richie , you are always there to help! :smileyhappy:


        Any updates, Asubbiah? We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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    Hi Asubbiah ,


    Thanks for creating the topic. 


    Community, can anyone please suggest Asubbiah how to accomplish this task? 

    Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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      Hey Olga_T,

      I saw the original post last week so i thought id investigate this cos i expected the script/event handler combo i found on the old soapui help site (which i use to record all my test evidence for my api testing) to record the sec testing too.

      Wow....i think i mightve forgotten a couple of fullstops in the last sentence.

      Anyway it didnt record anything when i tried.

      However as i typed this out ive just realised a possible reason it didnt work, so i'll have look tomorrow to try and resolve.