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7 years ago

Same Run Time when I trigger test Cases in Sequential and Parallel Run Type

The Test Cases have 3 TestSsteps.


1. DataSource

2. 1 API Message Call (XML)

3. Data Loop


When I am running the teststeps in parallel or in sequence the total time remains same.


All TestCases
Class Name Status Type Time (s)
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_SellStrategySearch Success 27.126
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Chain_SellStrategyRateSearch Success 22.993
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_SellStrategyFindApplicableSearch Success 26.169
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RPSellStrategyCreate Success 28.489
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RPSellStrategyUpdate Success 27.415
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RPSellStrategyDelete Success 25.876
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RPSellStrategySet Success 20.289
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RPSellStrategyUnset Success 20.111
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Chain_SellStrategyRateCreate Success 20.820
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Chain_SellStrategyRateupdate Success 16.099
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Chain_SellStrategyRateDelete Success 22.336
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RoomSellStrategyCreate Success 19.359
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RoomSellStrategyUpdate, Success 19.154
LSSPermission.SellStrategy Property_RoomSellStrategyDelete Success 20.600



SoapUI Test Results
TestCases Failures Errors Success rate Time (s)
14 0 0 100.00% 316.836
Note: failures are anticipated and checked for with assertions while errors are unanticipated.
Name TestCases Errors Failures Time (s) Time Stamp Host
LSSPermission 14 0 0 316.836


If it really would have been parallel , then the total time would be around 28 ms i.e. the highest time of a  testCase


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    Thank you for posting to our Community Forum. 


    I have investigated your issue further and may have found a bug within how the Test Case Transaction log shows the times of test steps versus the Project level transaction log that shows the times of the test cases. 


    I didn't find anything to indicate that the parallel tests aren't executing correctly just that the transaction log is not recording properly. 


    I have created a report to our developers to engage with them on this issue. I will update this post when I find out more. 


    Have a great day! 

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      Thanks! Also , I checked with our developer , he confirmed the test steps should not take that long to complete, currently when I execute in parallel test steps are taking 40 secs to complete whereas when the same test step is just trig erred manually it takes around 3.9 secs. Can that be because of the data source test step from where it is reading the data and is it a known issue that if there is a datasource in a test step then when we execute test steps in parallel or sequential it takes the same time.


      I am asking these because I executed the campaign both in sequential and parallel and the repsonse time is same in both the scenarios 

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      Would like to know if this issue has been dealt with. I asked because I think I am having the same problem. Running keyword tests as a standalone garners a shorter amount of time complared to and running a group or running the whole project.


      Please advise.