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6 months ago

Running Ready API in docker containers



I have a project to bring ready api tests to AWS cloud (running in ecs), and hoping to check viability of running ready api xml files in docker containers. currently I have ready api xml files that can be imported to ready api client (I'm using version 3.47.0).


so far, I've been reading about some documents and this is what I've come up so far. would you please see if this sounds like a viable path to have ready api test running in docker containers? any thing I've missed?


1. get a license file (I already have one)

2. spin up a license server for 5.x following this documentation:

3. spin up a test container:

  - include xml file in the "project folder" inside the container

  - point the ip address of license server container

4. execute the test


also I'd like to ask a couple more things. when I use ready api ui I can choose environment from the drop down list at the top right corner. how can I set this environment when using ready api test docker container?



also is there a way to setup test runner docker container to configure test case options? I'd like to disable "abort test if an error occurs" option in container which I can do so in the ui.



thank you!

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