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13 years ago

Running multiple loadui tests from the command line.

A have a number of projects and test cases within projects that I need to run one after the other. I decided to do this via the command line for minimum maintenance or 'hand holding'.

I've got this working to an extent in that I can make the first test run. What I can't seem to do is make it continue to the next test. How do I need to structure my command at the c: prompt so that test cases can run one after another.

What I have is Program Files\eviware\loadUI-1.5.0\loadui-cmd.bat -l -p C:\Users\\.loadui\LoadUIproject.xml -t loaduitest
loadui-cmd.bat -l -p C:\Users\\.loadui\LoadUIproject.xml -t loaduitest2
loadui-cmd.bat -l -p C:\Users\\.loadui\LoadUIproject.xml -t loaduitest3

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