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9 years ago

Runing a REST Request from another TestCase by Run TestCase breaks the REST Request

If a REST Request is invoked by a "Run TestCase Step" from another TestCase, the REST requests from the referenced TestCase breaks. The REST-Icon disappears and the edit dialog can not be opened of this broken rest requests.


Description of the process:


  • Create the REST Sample Project
  • Create a new TestCase at the TestSuite "Test account creation"
  • Create a new "Run TestCase Step" and select the TestCase "accountcreation TestCase"
  • Select the option "Create isolated copy for each run"





  • Run this new TestCase
  • After this the REST-Requests at the referenced TestCase are broken



  • After the restart of SoapUI the REST-Request are available again


  • This issue is resolved in the last nightly build. Thank you!