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3 years ago

"Run TestCase" and use properties of target TestSuite

Hello community,   I have a question regarding remote execution of TestCases - I want to execute a TestCase in TestSuite A in another TestSuite, B, and use properties of the Target TestSuite B ins...
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    3 years ago

    Hm, I found two work-arounds:

    call a testStep from the target context -


    in the testStep-properties, create vars:


    one - create a var with the TestSuite name from which I want to get the properties as value. This way I can reference the TestSuite in a script.


    two - create a var with the value calling another variable in the target context, i.e. var A - value=(${#TestSuite#targetvariable})


    I am still not satisfied completely. I think there must be a way to tell where a testStep is called from programatically, i.e. to find the target context from within the called testCase