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6 years ago

Run SoapUI tests on Jenkins taken from Github

I am trying to run SoapUI project/tests on Jenkins. I have installed Jenkins plugin, followed those steps: But how do I set sourc...
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    6 years ago

    When I set up Jenkins in my environment to run ReadyAPI, I had to set up a step in the Jenkins project to clone my GIT repository of the ReadyAPI projects. This stores them in that Jenkins Project's Workspace, which Jenkins stores the location of as a variable like ${WORKSPACE}. So every the time Jenkins tests run, it's cloning the Git repository to its Workspace, and runs the tests. 


    So when I set up my testrunner script in Jenkins, it looked like this:


    /var/ReadyAPI-2.4.0/bin/ -"FHTML" "-RJUnit-Style HTML Report" -J -a -A -r "-f${WORKSPACE}/Reports/WriteReport" "-EAutomated" "-PAutomated=true" "-PIP=${EndPoint}"  ${WORKSPACE}/Project/File/Location/In/Workspace/ProjectName.xml