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7 years ago

Run SOAP UI PRO Tests via Jenkins

Hello team,


I have installed the jenkins in my local box that has my ready api in it. I have started jenkins as admin and created a bat command to launch test runner and it started throwing the license not found issue.


I need some one to give me step by step info to configure and run the tests. The documentation that already exists is not completely clear if someone is starting new. Please help.




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  • Open your SoapUI, navigate to a suite, then right click, then select Launch TestRunner

    modify the settings to fit your needs, click 'Launch', this will display a command that was executed in a shell

    copy this, then use it on jenkins. you might need to modify the command.


    sample command: cmd.exe /C testrunner.bat -sSanity "-RTestSuite Report" "-EDefault environment"

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      I am having issues with the License  as the error in jenkins is no license found. I am using Ready API 2.0. Can you please provide detailed steps. Much appreciated.




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        Whatever user ReadyAPI is licensed to has to be the same user running Jenkins. IE, if you licensed ReadyAPI on your profile, you have to be the user Jenkins runs under.


        Otherwise the Jenkins user needs its own license.