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6 years ago

REST POST service call with large JSON in body taking too long to complete

Hi there,

I was evaluvating Ready API 2.4.0 for data driven testing and notice an issue with REST POST service calls with large json objects in request.

One service which was taking only less than 2 sec from our web application is taking more than 45 seconds from SoapUIPro. When tested same service with small json is working fine. And debugging the API service call, it was noticed that most of the time is taken after clicking the "Submit request" button and before hitting the server. Not sure what is happening at that stage. Any help is highly appreciated.




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    Hi Sree,


    While SmartBear guys manage these forums and Lucian already draw their attention explicitly, one of the great things with SmartBear is that they provide equally great support for existing customers and for those who just evaluate their products.

    So feel free to contact Support directly via the form and it will be appreciated if you update this thread with the result for the benefit of others.


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      Hi all,


      AlexKaras, thanks for your reply. I agree, it's great to work with this high-level support team and know that our users can rely on it.

      Lucian, our support engineer said that it's difficult to understand without knowing how large the JSON is.

      So, sreejithg08, would you mind sharing your JSON here? Or, as Alex said, you can consider creating a support case, or, if you have a trial license, you can also reach out to our support engineers directly via chat (you can find it in ReadyAPI in the top right corner).


      I'm looking forward to hearing from you,


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        Thanks everyone for looking into it and provide inputs to solve my query.


        Further investigations on this, I notice that formatting the json string is making it slow. If I keep my json string without formatting, its takes around 45 seconds to complete execution. Where if I format my json and make the same call, it took only 2 seconds to complete. Attached is a sample file. In my case as I build this json dynamically, its hard to keep it formatted. Its build based on a property we set before

        eg: {
               "MyProp" : ${PropertyHolder#CurrentProperty}



        And I noticed that in ReadyAPI 2.3.0 this problem is not there.