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9 years ago

REST Post Method changed to GET automatically when certain parameters are empty or null

I am using SOAP UI NG Trial Version   When I Submit Request for POST method with empty or null parameters, then the request is submitted as GET method.   Example: https://localhost:8443/postdata ...
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    9 years ago

    Here's the reply from Support


    Under the Project tab configure the request as a POST instead of a GET. When you pass Sample requests into a testcase they still take the config from their parent in the projects tab.

    But I already have the request on POST Method on the Project tab, but it still does a GET Method on the Raw Request.

    After looking further on my Project, the POST Method Request will have a redirect response.

    By default the Request Properties will have Follow Redirects = true


    I changed that property to false, and VOILA! it changes into Post.

    Please see screenshot below



    I don't really have a clear answer on this but I guess on my project, if the POST Request will respond into a redirect, I just have to set the Follow Redirects to false to ensure that the request will do a Post.


    I don't know if this really helps, but these solves my problem