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6 years ago

Rest API service disappears from project explorer after commit to Git repository


I have problem after committing project to Git repository. I want to replace Swagger definition in project explorer, so i remove old rest api service definition. Next step was import and rename of the new swagger definition. Everithing works correctly, but after "Save and Share Project" and successfull commit, imported definition disappears from project explorer. 

Other things I've tried:

Behavior was the same even though I did not change the name of definition.

Delete folder with api definitions from repository manually and remove appropriate items from "element.order" and "project.content". Import project from VCS was successfull, but behavior was same like below (definitions still missing). 

ReadyAPI log says me: 

"WARN: The service 'name_before_rename' was not found in the project 'xzy'."


"WARN: The file has not been loaded, because the project does not contain it: C:\name_after_rename.xml"

(this last message is weird, because this files are regularry available in correct folder - on local and on git repository)


Thank you very much for your help.


Using ReadyAPI 2.5.0, SoapUI pro , Git plugin

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