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2 years ago

ReadyAPI unistall-install


I have ReadyAPI 3.20.0 installed on my windows machine. I am having some difficulties listed below. I would like to uninstall ReadyAPI and install it again. I have a fixed license. Can I use my license number when I re-install ReadyAPI? Or should I do something to keep my license before uninstall ReadyAPI? 

  • It doesn't update to 3.30.0. When I launch ReadyAPI, a new version (3.30.0) dialog box comes up. I click download but it doesn't do anything.
  • I cannot exit ReadyAPI. Whenever I click the close(X) button, an exit confirmation popup comes up. I click exit but it doesn't exit. I have to use task manager every time to kill the application. 
  • I cannot connect ReadyAPI to my git repository. It returns below error. 

com.smartbear.readyapi.integrations.vcs.git.GitException: https:xxxxxxxxxxx.git: Secure connection to https:xxxxxxxxxxx.git could not be stablished because of SSL problems

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    Hey esoysal 


    regarding git/SSL issue, please see here -->


    to answer your other questions - is your license one of the new ID based ones or is it the .key file license?


    I can't answer if it's ID based as I don't know how these work as they're quite a new approach (I think new in the last 6 months).  If you have the .key file - I'd make sure it's moved to a different directory (not the Program Files/ReadyAPI  directory (nor saved in any of the sub directories) so that if the Program Files/ReadyAPI parent folder is removed - you don't lose the .key license file.


    If you uninstall ReadyAPI and reinstall - the .key file is generally found automatically - think I might have had to point to it again a couple of times - I could be misremembering this - or I could be remembering instead when I've done an upgrade rather than a reinstall - but either way - as long as you know where the .key file is, that's hardly a chore.


    Rather than try the download that's kicked off via ReadyAPI - you can always do teh download manually - go here --> for the latest version - or try here -->


    Regarding difficulty closing the application - I'm curious - have you checked your ReadyAPI logs to see if it's trying to do something whilst youre trying to close?  Also - you might want to monitor Task Manager to see if there's any CPU usage during your exit attempts (I mean - something other than you trying to close the app down)


    If ReadyAPI doesn't appear to be doing anything when you try and close it down - I think I'd just uninstall and reinstall again - just in case this straightens things out for you.