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2 years ago

ReadyAPI Test for Azure DevOps task - ID based licensing - access key argument


I use the ReadyAPI Test for Azure DevOps task.

In this task I see no place to add an access key argument (seems to be needed to use the new ID based licensing).


Does anyone know if this task is compatible with ID based licensing?




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  • Hi mrdwprice

    The Azure DevOps extension works for Windows only, with ReadyAPI installed already. Please see the below excerpt from the help documentation

    You can run ReadyAPI tests in several ways:

    • ReadyAPI Test for Azure DevOps task. This task runs Functional TestRunner with basic options. It is easy to configure it, which allows you to quickly configure a test run. To use this task, you need to install the ReadyAPI Test for Azure DevOps extension.

    The extension supports only agents deployed on Windows. If you need to run tests on Linux or macOS agents, use command-line runners.


    If you are running this is a container, you will have to use the command-line runner instead.