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4 years ago

ReadyAPI - How to work with source control?

I have ReadyAPI projects in Perforce. A ReadyAPI project has several "artifacts" like project, suite, test etc. These artifacts are represented with xml files and they also have their own settings.xml file, element.order file etc. When I make any changes in a ready api project, I'd like to know exactly which files get changed, which of these changes are important and then check in only the important changes. I want to ignore all the unnecessary changes like changes in the value of variables which change with every test run.

For example, if I change the sql in a test case & run the test. Then, I expect only the test.xml & its settings.xml to change. But, I sometimes I see changes in other files like the project's settings.xml. So, which changes should I keep & which to ignore? Is there any tutorial or guideline which covers all this?

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    4 years ago

    Your answer is for Git, but I am using Perforce. It appears that there are no integrations for Perforce at the moment.

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