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6 years ago

Ready API - HP ALM integration

Can some one suggest me how to connect to HP ALM with Ready API via groovy script?


I am aware that there is Dragonfly plugin to get that done. But my ask is to get that done without any plugins [just pure code].

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      I don't really understand what values to be supplied to certain parts of the code. Appreciate if you could give me the same code with sample values. I can replace that with my setup for HP ALM.

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      I integrated this soultion but when i run this script always status updating as Fail even though Test case assertion status is PASS 

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    I have done it vice versa, I can able to run the xml files from ALM using VAPI-XP scripts, whether the xml files are run executes by testrunner from sopui and the status will be updated accordingly in ALM test lab. Hope this helps.