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9 years ago

Jira Integration with ready API


I am trying to integrate Jira with Ready API. But no luck. I have already tried configuring JIRA as mentioned in below link. 

But after configuring, when I try to open the JIRA issue Read API gives the below message. 

"Unable to retrieve information from JIRA. Possible causes: - The JIRA Integration plugin settings are invalid. Perhaps, you might specify email rather than username. - You do not have enough permissions in JIRA."

NOTE: I am login as administrator. 

Does anyone has idea how to move ahead from here?


  • problem was captcha.

    plugin doesn't support captcha, when u login by plugin 3 times jira send captcha


    u must reset password in jira and write in sopaui.

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    Same Issue with the same message. 


    Ready API - v1.4.0

    JIRA - v6.4

  • Same problem. Please look at the logs - bottom left.


    I attach what I have

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    Hey, do not use your email singing in Jira! go to your profile and check the attached image. 

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      I have login from jira as user without


      but it's not working:

      Tue Aug 25 14:27:50 CEST 2015:ERROR:java.lang.RuntimeException: handshake alert:  unrecognized_name

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        Did you specify https (not http) protocol in the settings?