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4 years ago

Parameterization is not working in 3.8.1 in few scenarios

Hi Team,

I have been trying to automate a few scenario's and there are interdependent steps where parametrization is required. But the parameterization is not working in these cases.

Another issue observed is:

the resource URL is not appended to the main URL when parameterization is used. Only when we hardcode the value it is getting appended.

Kindly look into this at the earliest.

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      Ex: Multiple test suites are present and information from the 1st suite should be used in the second one.

      GET call results in first suite to be used by the POST call in the second suite.

      The parameter here is not being converted to its value. the steps followed is Get data and then select the value from the GET response.

      it remains like:  " "${GET Activity#Response#$['objectId']}", even after running the scripts in order.

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        - Have you check the the link given in the pervious repply?
        - Have the test cases independent, which helps to achieve automation. But you are trying to have dependency between the suite. Please revisit and make them independent.
        - Avoid spaces in the names of suite / test case / steps while providing a way to identify and readable like Camel case
        - Would it be possible to create a sample project to demonstrate the issue?