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6 years ago

parallel execution issues when framework has dependency of library testcases on other testsuite

Let me clear my Q.. 

Framework designed like 









-> Executing Testsuite using commandline 

-> When Running testsuite using command line under setup script i placed this below script to run testsuite PARALLEL

    which testcasessuite is executing parallel 

    import com.eviware.soapui.model.testsuite.TestSuite.TestSuiteRunType
    testSuite.setRunType(TestSuiteRunType.PARALLEL )

    But issue is when testcasesuite executing parallel 

        Testcase1 has dependecy of libtestcase1

         Testcase2 has also dependecy of libtestcase1 


So, both Testcase1 and Testcase2 take same data from libtestcase1 and failing the testcases 


I hope i made it clear... can any one help here 


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    Thumb rule is each and every test case has to be independent.

    The information available is not sufficient to comment why test cases are failing. You haven't mentioned either what is causing to failure.
    Also, not sure what sort of data that are being supplied to other test cases.

    Is possible to create a sample project to replicate the issue?
    Does the sequential execution work fine?
    Reason for executing them in Parallel?
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      Thanks for replying 


      1) Yes Sequential order working as expecting 

      2) Reason of Parallel - to decrease the execution time as testsuite going bigger and wanted to reduce time of execution 

      3) from Libtestcase1 is kind of accountgeneration like account1 and testcase1 and testcase2 both using same account1 the intention is when i running sequential testcase1 - getting data from libtestcase as (account1) and 

      testcase2 - getting like (account2) 


      but where as on parallel run both testcase1 and testcase2 getting the data as account1 and testcases are failing as duplicate data 


      i hope this helps 


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        I'm making the assumption that your test cases in the "Testcasessuite" test suite are calling the test cases in the suite "Libtestsuite" via the Run TestCase Test Step, if this is correct? If so have you checked to see what the Run Mode is?


        Check to see if the run mode is set to "Create isolated copy for each run", as from the documentation:


        "ReadyAPI creates a copy of the target test case in the memory and runs it. This way, the run will not affect other concurrent runs of the test case. With this mode, several copies of the target test case can run in parallel."