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6 years ago

No selection of Template as a Parameter Type in SoapUI 2.5

Hello: is anyone having issues with being able to select 'Template' as the parameter type when creating Requests? I just updated to v2.5 and I can no longer set up my parameters to use Template as the type. 

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  • BTW: I also can't right-click in the Value text box to select a value vs. typing one in.

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      Hi ,

      The issue of the 'template' option no longer appearing in your dropdown list sounds like a bug. I'd double check the v2.5 release notes to see if theres been any changes around this, id look to see if theres any workaround (e.g. have you checked that you cant put the focus on the list and scroll down to the 'template' could still be present, just that the dropdown field is too small to display the value?? or allowing you to create the template parm some other way??? or at a different level e.g. create at resource rather than method level????) and then id raise a ticket with smartbear. Template parms kindof essential so i cant imagine it to be too long before a fix is created or at least a workaround is published.


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        Thanks Richie. I felt it was a bug as well, but was hoping there would be some fast answers out there. I didn't figure I was the first to download this new version. I'll reach out to SmartBear and when they give me a solution, I'll reply back to this post with the information they provided. :-)