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6 years ago

New Release of SmartBear Tool TestComplete

Hello SoapUI Community,


I'm excited to announce the latest release of our automated UI testing tool, TestComplete! For those moving to DevOps, the new version of our front-end functional testing platform will help you better align your design and testing phases for faster development cycles. 


Here area few highlights of the new features that you can use to reach your 2019 DevOps goals: 

  • BDD support, including an integration with Hiptest, that will enable you to translate application behavior written in plain English syntax (Gherkin) into automated tests. Learn more here. 
  • A native plug-in for Jenkins Pipeline, in addition to Freestyle project, to further enhance CI/CD
  • Deeper integration with Ready!API for seamless end-to-end API and UI testing
  • Access to hard-to-find web components including Shadow DOM and Custom Elements
  • Support for all the latest browser versions and mobile platforms
  • Performance improvements, updated project creation workflow, and more!

If you're interested in learning more about the new features, feel free to check out our documentation. 


You can also join our webinar next week on January 30th, "Accelerate Continuous Testing with TestComplete" to see the new features live.


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All the best,