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16 years ago

Namespace Definitions lost


actually we are working with SoapUI Pro for some weeks and have the more or less problems:

1) we fill-in data in xml editor, when switching to form editor data is lost. This occurs when you have a choice-element. So far as I have read this is a known problem and will fixed with next release. When will be the release available?

2) In all of our requests we need to insert the namespace definitions twice. The first time it is automatically in between at line nr. 1. After lines of Authentication we need to insert namespace definitions manually. Then test case runs and everything is ok until we switch to form editor. After this, namespace definition is lost and test fails. Why do I have to insert namespace twice and why is it lost switching editors? What am I doing wrong?

Here is an example of a request:





the bold lines have to be inserted manually. This occurs when we have choice elements.

Thank you in advance vor your response.

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    sorry for the delay on this.. I'm not sure what is causing this, I suspect the internal XML handling removes these "unnecessary" namespaces. I'll see if this can somehow be fixed.. I'll let you know..

    the release is still a couple of weeks away.. sorry..