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7 years ago

Moving my project into a CI/CD environment - updating 300 test data files everyday!



I'm unsure if anyone can help with this one.


I have a project where I source 300 testdata files from the directory, then post across the ESB to the consuming web service, I then run a JDBC step against the database that supports the consuming web service to check the record was inserted/updated/upserted correctly.  This was complicated by the fact that all the XML responses I needed to assert on were contained within CDATA.  msiadak totally sorted me out on the CDATA front.


The test case is currently as follows:

Datasource Directory type (fileContents property specified)
SOAP POST step (populating Soap wrapper with fileContents property)
Groovy script to extract the XML from the CDATA and assert on it, and pass unique value to following JDBC test step (courtesy of msiadak)
JDBC step (uses value from property set by groovy step)

NOW - the company I currently work for have decided they want to cough up for an additional SoapUI license and move my SoapUI projects in the CI/CD environments for daily regression runs.


The problem I have is that the unique identifiers (SessionNumbers) and date stamps, datetimestamps have to be unique each submission (and the datestamps, datetimestamps have to be > previous submissions.


I'm wondering if anyone has done anything like this before.


I'm thinking perhaps I have a groovy step in between the Datasource and SOAP POST steps to update the content of the fileContents property.  I was looking at random number generators in groovy (just as a first step - this won't work for me for what I need), and a found there is nextInt() method I can use.  I'm sure there's a function to move the date along too, so I'm not too fussed about that.


So - I'm just wondering if my idea seems reasonable or if anyone's got better ideas, done something similar, advice, comments, etc., blah, blah


Many thanks to all, and sorry about the lengthy post



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    no takers?


    **bleep** - that's what I get for asking an open question - at least I didn't ask it on stackoverflow - I would've been destroyed! :)


    Cheers anyway,



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      I got **bleeped**?


      I didn't use any profanity!????