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3 years ago

Modify the test case result depending on the last retry result


 with reference to how to control the test run described in: (

  I would like to control the test case status using groovy scripts not failing test run but a single test case, using the testcase option would either stop the test case on first test step failed or would indicate that the test have ended regardless if some of test steps have failed or after some retries, or even is some haven't bee run.

the required scenario is the following:


Having test case TC1

   Test step 1 : Do something

   Test Step 2: if Test step one failed and max retry < 5 wait 20s then go for Test step 1 

   Test step 3 ....

   Test step Las: 3 set the test case status depending on last run of Test Step1 , Step3...

Thanks in advance

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  • Hey pskitsme92. Are you familiar with the Conditional GoTo Test Step? It lets you define a number of XPath expression conditions to jump to the specified test steps if the condition evaluates to True. If I'm reading your requirement correctly, I think it could help you. Let me know what you think! Thanks,



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      Hi joejoyce

      Yes I am and I'm using it in my test project, By try and error, we have figured out that setting ""Adding fail Message for some reason") would fail the test step and test case. And the test will continue to next test step. That would be nice if it was documented some where and added to the threads I have referred to in my  question.

      in the project xml file you can find:

      "<con:testCase id="8c01e5b5-34cd-4b63-af54-bab0b8fdc61c" discardOkResults="false" failOnError="false" failTestCaseOnErrors="false""

      what does failOnError="false" vs failTestCaseOnErrors="false"" can be used for in the sense of controlling the test flow??

      Best regads pskitsme92