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Maven Build Error - Failed to execute goal com.smartbear:ready-api-maven-plugin:2.6.0

Getting this below error 


Triedn mvn clean install - still gettig this error 


Failed to execute goal com.smartbear:ready-api-maven-plugin:2.6.0:test (default) on project my-app: Execution de fault of goal com.smartbear:ready-api-maven-plugin:2.6.0:test failed: A required class was missing while executing com.s martbear:ready-api-maven-plugin:2.6.0:test: com/netflix/governator/annotations/AutoBindSingleton



<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
<!-- Add the SmartBear ReadyAPI plugin repository. -->
<!-- Maven will download the plugin from the specified URL. -->
<!-- Plugin groupID used to uniquely identify the project with the plugin. -->
<!-- Plugin artifactId used to find the plugin in the project. -->
<!-- Specifies your ReadyAPI version. Maven will use the appropriate plugin version. -->
<!-- IMPORTANT: Must be the same as your ReadyAPI version. -->
<!-- For maintenance builds, use 2.6.0-m-SNAPSHOT instead. -->
<!-- Add a JDBC driver dependency if your tests use JDBC. -->
<!-- Maven imports and installs the driver automatically. -->
<!-- <dependencies>
</dependencies> -->
<!-- Specifies the lifecycle phase to run ReadyAPI tests. -->
<!-- We recommend using the test phase. -->
<!-- Do not change. Commands the Maven plugin to run a functional test. -->
<!-- Required. Specifies the path to the project to execute. -->
<!-- For composite projects, specify the folder that contains the project. -->
<!-- Required for reports. -->
<!-- Only available in ReadyAPI Pro. -->
<!-- Sets the output folder for reports. -->
<!-- Specifies the format of the report. Possible values: PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, CSV, TXT and XML. -->
<!-- Specifies the folder to store reports in. -->
<!-- Specifies the report type. Only available in ReadyAPI Pro. -->
<!-- Click Reporting on the ReadyAPI toolbar to find available reports. -->
<reportName>Project Report</reportName>
<!-- Commands Maven to create a printed report. -->
<!-- Provides access to ReadyAPI properties. -->
<!-- Required. A folder with ReadyAPI executable files. -->
<!-- Used to run a local installation of ReadyAPI. -->
<!-- ========= Additional elements ============= -->
<!-- Commands ReadyAPI to generate JUnit-style reports. -->
<!-- Specifies the name of the test suite to be run. -->
<!-- <testSuite></testSuite> -->
<!-- Specifies the name of the test case to run. -->
<!-- <testCase></testCase> -->
<!-- Specifies the tags to use. -->
<!-- Only the test cases with the specified tags will be run. -->
<!-- Use the syntax below. -->
<!-- <tags><param>TestCase tag1, tag2</param></tags> -->
<!-- Overrides the service endpoints specified in the test. -->
<!-- <endpoint></endpoint> -->
<!-- Overrides the host specified in the the test. -->
<!-- <host></host> -->
<!-- Overrides the user name for all requests. -->
<!-- <username></username> -->
<!-- Overrides the passwords for all requests. -->
<!-- <password></password> -->
<!-- Overrides the domain used for requests. -->
<!-- <domain></domain> -->
<!-- If true, commands Maven to export all the requests. -->
<!-- <exportAll></exportAll> -->
<!-- Specifies the SoapUI settings file to use. Required for custom ReadyAPI reports. -->
<!-- <settingsFile></settingsFile> -->
<!-- Specifies the type of the WSS password. -->
<!-- <wssPasswordType></wssPasswordType> -->
<!-- Specifies the password for an encrypted project. -->
<!-- <projectPassword></projectPassword > -->
<!-- Specifies the password for an encrypted settings file. -->
<!-- <settingsPassword></settingsPassword> -->
<!-- Specifies the value of a global property for the test run. -->
<!-- <globalProperties>
<value>Sample Project Property=My sample value</value>
</globalProperties> -->
<!-- Specifies the value of a project property for the test run. -->
<!-- <projectProperties>
<value>Some Property=My Sample Value</value>
</projectProperties> -->
<!-- Saves the project after the test run. -->
<!-- <saveAfterRun></saveAfterRun> -->
<!-- If true, commands Maven to continue -->
<!-- the test run even if an assertion triggers. -->
<!-- <testFailIgnore>true</testFailIgnore> -->
<!-- Enables HTML coverage reports. Only available in ReadyAPI Pro. -->
<!-- <coverage></coverage> -->
<!-- Specifies the environment to use in the test run. -->
<!-- Only available in ReadyAPI Pro. -->
<!-- <environment></environment> -->
<!-- If true, ReadyAPI will not send usage statistics. -->
<!-- <optOutUsageStatistics></optOutUsageStatistics> -->
<!-- ========= /Additional elements ============= -->


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  • 678 


    Were you able to resolve this? If so, how?


    I am getting the following when I try to run the readyapi 2.7.0 maven plugin:


    Unable to load the mojo 'test' in the plugin 'com.smartbear:ready-api-maven-plugin:2.7.0' due to an API incompatibility: org.codehaus.plexus.component.repository.exception.ComponentLookupException: com/eviware/soapui/maven2/TestMojo : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0



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      I am still not success in this 

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        You might check that your java version is compatible with that used to build the soapUI version you are using.


        The major/minor version error message can be due to trying to run soapUi on a version of java that is older than what it was compiled for. For example, if your version of soapUi requires java version 1.8.45 and you try to run on 1.7, you can get this error. I believe you can also get it if the minor version is incompatible. Like, if 1.8.51 is required and you try to run on 1.8.11