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5 years ago


Hey Community


I maybe not seeing it int he documentation.  If I want to run a Load test using the Distribution agents does each Agent get 1000 VU's or is 1000 VU's are distributed across all agents?


We are looking to hit some metrics and we don't know if 1000 Vu's is enough to hit the Metrics we want to see.


Thanks in advance



PS.  Is there a license that allows for more than 1000 vu's 

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    Hi cpentecost,

    As far as I understand, agents are used to share the load of the test execution. Let me quote the About Distributed Load Testing  article:

    Running load tests often involves simulating requests from thousands of virtual users. Simulating these users requires a lot of resources from the computer running the test. In some situations, one computer cannot generate the load enough to properly test the server.

    To avoid this, you can create distributed tests. These tests use multiple computers to simulate the load on the target server. At the same time, each individual computer can handle the load generation.


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      Hey TanyaYatskovska 

      I read the distribution Article and agree, but what I am asking is if I distribute tests am I limited to only 1000VU's overall the tests Distributed and Local or does each agent get 1000VU's?  We are trying to hit a load testing metric and want to know if it is possible switching to distributed tests do we gain any VU's to help.