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6 years ago

LOAD UI Pro - Server Monitoring for UNIX Solaris



We are attempting to use LOADUI PRO for monitoring our UNIX Solaris server during Performance Testing.  We have verified that SNMP is installed and that we can connect on Port 161.  However when attempting to make a connection we are encountering the following error message


  • Wed Nov 14 10:53:30 GMT 2018: ERROR: Unable to retrieve "" counter due to the following error: NO_SUCH_OBJECT

Do you know why we might be encountering this issue and how we can go about resolving it.


Also are there any addtional setup tasks we need to carry out when setting up monitoring on a Solaris operating system for UNIX?




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  • Please check that all the objects that you're interesting in are available to any SNMP client tool. I suspect that the problem is in rights but it may be a different reason. LoadUI will see the once you'll set up your server.