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13 years ago

Keyboard shortcut customizing


I am fairly new to Soapui and this forum. First of all I would like to say that I really like SoapUi. It makes life so much easier.
However I do have a feature request. I think adding keyboard shortcut customization would be great feature.

Some examples:
- When editing a request it would be nice to be able to hit for example F5 to submit the request
- Hitting for example ALT+1 to toggle Navigator pane
- Hitting CTRL+W to close a tab and CTRL(+SHIFT)+TAB to scroll through tabs (already in 'Tabbed Layout' thread)
- Etc..

In my opinion being able to set keyboard shortcuts for (frequently repeated) actions contributes to the ease of use of the application.


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    Hi Peter,

    thanks for this, I've put it in the backlog!


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      This would greatly ease the pain induced by the way SoapUI clashes with my typical workflow.

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        Hi ldh,

        I've increased the rating of the corresponding feature request in our DB.