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6 years ago

I want to map JSON Request objects to Oracle database column's, Need to do verify?

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    You can verify.
    More details of the issue, please?
    How could some one understand your issue with the given description?

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      Thanks Rao :smileyhappy:,  


      I want to verify How is the data inserting into DB Columns from JSON Request. 

      For Example: I have property name the should be goes to property column, I have to verify.

      Please find the attached file for more information.




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        Thank you for the screen shot, maddenapally 


        Still not clear what steps does the test case has? and where would you like to use the requested map?


        Anyways, below is the way to map in groovy script as per the screen shot


        def map = [action: 'HTL_SELL_START.HTL_CD',
                   chainCode: 'HTL_SELL_START.SELL_START_CD',
        	   brandCode: 'HTL_SELL_START.SELL_START_NM',
                   propertyCode: 'HTL_SELL_START.SELL_START_DESC'
                   propertyName: 'HTL_SELL_START.BEG_DT']

        For example if the test case contains

        1. REST Request step with POST method

        2. JDBC step to retrieve the data

        And the objective is to verify, then have a look script here