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14 years ago

HTTPS/SSL import/request failed


I'm not sure if this can be related to previous messages on SSL/HTTPS negociation.

1. I have an local HTTPS Web Service secured with a self signed certificate. WSDL is available and can be browsed without any problem using this URL :

2. Trying to import the WSDL times out... There is no proxy/no routers or whatsoever. There is nothing in the log (Except the "Aborting" message when I click on "Cancel" several minutes later).

3. However I see such lines in my Webserver log (which is nginx) : - - [02/Dec/2010:16:10:55 +0100] "�\x04\x01\x03\x01\x00�\x00\x00\x00 \x00\x00\x04\x01\x00�\x00\x00\x05\x00\x00/\x00\x005\x00�\x02\x00�\x04\x01\x00�\x00�\x05\x00�\x0C\x00�\x0E\x00�\x0F\x00�\x07\x05\x00�\x00�\x09\x06\x00@\x00�" 400 173 "-" "-"

4. Soapui seems to try each few seconds...

5. I also save the WSDL, imported it without any problem, but then any request behave the same... Time out

6. I tried to add a keystore with the server.pem without more success.

Attached is a log of ssldump output. Not sure if this is relevant, I'm not an SSL expert.

Any idea ?

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