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5 years ago

Https combined with NTLM is working unstable for user with specific rights

I am using Soapui Pro to initiate REST calls to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. NTLM is used for authorization. In the Authorization Manager a user is configured at the top as the parent. Most REST GET calls have inherit from parent. A few REST calls are authorized via another user. This user has read authority for the specific REST resource. The user at the top is not authorized for this resource.

In a testcase I have combined several teststeps each initiating a REST call.

When I am using http the testcase works fine. No problem at all with authorization.


But when using https all teststeps work fine except the ones which call the specific resource. These steps give an error message that the user is not authorized but the user which is referred to is the top user. When I rerun that failing teststep this teststep sometimes succeeds but mostly keeps on failing.


I already have contacted smartbear but maybe somebody has the same experience.


Any advice would be appreciated.



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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Thanks for posting the topic to the ReadyAPI forum, asseldonk01!
    How is the investigation with the support team going? Could you please share your progress with the Community?

    Community, can we provide asseldonk01 with comments or ideas? 


    Thanks everyone in advance!

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      Hi, last week I had contact with smartbear. We tried to set a redirect flag to false for the rest call but that not resolve the issue. The next step is to provide traffic logging to smartbear. As I am on holiday now i will pass that info in the first week of october. So no progress yet.