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8 years ago

HP UFT Integration

Good afternoon! Can you please tell us what is the best way to organize the transfer (integration) of data (which gets the input service in SOAP UI (Service V)) in HP UFT (API test or GUI test)? Since we plan to use SOAP UI instead of HP Service Virtualization and try to understand how to organize the integration of HP UFT and SOAP UI Ready API.

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  • Hello,


    There is no direct integration to UFT to carry over the data. The good news is that we can listen in on traffic and capture data while you are interacting with the service you want to virtualize. If you dont have access to the service, we can also connect to flat files or databases to pull in Data, whether its a piece of the response or the whole thing. More information about it below.


    Capturing data in ServiceV: 

    Using existing data flat files or DBs:


    Hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.