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13 years ago

How to stop execution of TestSuite when TestCase fail?

In our project we have something like this

CreateDomainSuite (TeestSuite)
- createDomain (TestCase)
-getTokenCrm (TestCase)
- uploadFile (TestCase)
....another 5-10 TestCases

When we run this suite from Atlassian Bamboo using testRunner in case of failure in createDomain test case we got many errors in junit files. Because createDomain test case create essential data that are necessary for other test cases in our project when createDomain test case fail we should not continue and execute other test cases in test suite.
Now testRunner execute all test cases what result in many errors and for developers it is very hard to identify what is reason of failure - because they have 10 or more failure.

In attachment Bamboo.jpg you can see result of such situation (as you see cause of error 'createDomain' is not on first position) but in Soaup.jpg you can see that createDomain is first test case in testsuite.

Michał Szymański

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    Hi Michal,

    unfortunately there is not setting for this - I'll add a feature request to the product backlog.


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