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4 years ago

How to set up ReadyAPI for external Groovy development?

I would really love to develop my Groovy scripts outside of ReadyAPI in a full-fledged IDE. No offense, I'm just used to have good refactoring capabilities and at least "go to definition" functionality, which is not available in the script editors at this time.


To get started, I was thinking about setting the Resource Root project property to ${projectDir} and have a scripts folder in my project folder. However, as I have a composite project, I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Is it okay to create sub-folders in a composite project folder?


Another thing are the objects log, context and testRunner available in script editors. I have no idea how to access them in my IDE. Any advice on this?


Is anybody here developing Groovy scripts for ReadyAPI in an IDE and would be interested in sharing some best practices? Thanks in advance.


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