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7 years ago

How to manipulate excel data?



Can someone please assist with the following test steps, I need help with the test step in bold as below:-


I am using SoapUI Pro & issuing REST requests.


  • Generate an excel file 
  • Issue a Post Request - I Upload the excel file via an attachment  (I will call this File 'A'/Master Copy)
  • Using File 'A' I need to make any small & non-specific change (for example, there is an excel column called customer name) for the sole purpose that I create a new file called File 'B' that is very similar to File 'A' but not identical 
  • After creating File 'B'  I will upload this file once again via a Post request using an attachment 



Can anyone advise me how to do this?


*If scripting is involved can you please include clear comments for the purpose of my own learning.



Many thanks in advance

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