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9 years ago

How to import Swagger definition over HTTPS behind basic authentication?

Hi, I would like to create a SoapUI NG project from a Swagger definition over HTTPS that is behind basic authentication. I'm using Ready! API 1.5.0, Swagger plugin 2.2.1.


I have set up basic authentication in the auth repository in auth manager, but I can see in Fiddler that the credentials are not send to GET the Swagger definition.


How can I use basic authentication when importing a Swagger definition?


Thanks in advance!



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  • One of my colleagues just told me that when he imports Swagger definitions behind basic authentication, a dialog pops up where he can enter credentials. However, this dialog does not show for me.


    Any ideas why I don get the credentials dialog for basic authentication?

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      I am having same issue. I am not seeing the basic Authentication popup for my swagger definition and so getting the error at import Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:<my swagger url>


      Is the issue resolved, if so how.

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        cauvery wrote:

        Is the issue resolved, if so how.

        Haven't tried this for a while. I'm adding my methods manually. Maybe somebody from SmartBear can comment.