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9 years ago

How to generate Single Page report when running TestCaseRunner from maven plugin

I have a question regarding the TestCaseRunner:
I was running TestCases with testrunner.bat giving these parameters: -R"JUnit-Style HTML Report" -F"Single Page (Print)"
This was producing a single HTML file containg all information needed. This single HTML file I could then easily send via email.
Now I switched from running testrunner.bat to running the TestCaseRunner from soapui-pro-maven-plugin with following parameters:

<reportName>JUnit-Style HTML Report</reportName>
<reportFormat>Single Page (Print)</reportFormat>

But unfortunately this won’t generate the single HTML file but the frame based multi-page report in HTML, which I’m not able to send via email as easily.

Could you please check and let me know how to create the single-page HTML report when running TestCases from soapui-pro-maven-plugin.

Many thanks in advance.

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