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5 months ago

How to Execute JDBC Data Source Step Via Command Line


I have created a JDBC Data source test step in my project which hit the data base and return some data from the DB table.

I have picking up the Driver and connection string from the parameters specified in Global and Project Properties.

I am trying to execute my test case from "Command Line" and getting the error for the database which is :

java.lang.Exception: TestCase [Smoke_Test_Cases] failed [java.lang.Exception: Failed to prepare the test step [Pick_Applications_Assigned_To_PlatformAdmin_User_From_DB]; java.sql.SQLException: Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Integrated authentication.]

Our Database runs when i connect with VPN. My laptop is connected with the VPN. I always start my Ready API tool on the same VPN via a batch file where we have given the batch file path of ready api tool, the User name and password that we have for VPN. 

So, i want to know like how i can set the command line so that it could pick the VPN connection from my windows or the user name and password that we have for VPN???? I think, that will resolve this untrusted domain error.

Or if you can suggest any other way, please share