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5 years ago

How to connect to an Oracle Thin DB which is identified by 'Service Name' instead of SID

There is a requirement for me to connect to an Oracle thin DB which is identified by 'Service Name' instead of SID.

Our DBA advised that SID is a thing of the past and they’re using Service Name now as best practice and for operational reasons.

But from SOAP UI Pro i dont see an option to enter Service Name in DB configurations, whereas SID is shown instead.


Please advice the steps to achieve this.

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  • Hi,


    I am using the same setup. I simply put the service name into the SID field - workes fine for me.


    With that I am using java class "ojdbc6.jar" in c:\<yourInstallationFolder>\ReadyAPI-2.7.0\bin\ext

    Attached you'll find my settings. The "1" in the service name is for the cluster node I want to connect to. In a cluster environmend that is necessary to give.


    Hope this helps



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        Try checking with sqlplus or other client software to connect to the db and see if that is working.