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3 years ago

how to assign SSL Keystore to all Request in a project


I have a problem that I could not solve. I have a project that I copied from another existing project. In the new project, all Rest Requests require SSL Keystore and there are hundreds of requests. Going to each request and assigning an environment-specific Keystore is pretty tiring work, to be honest. 


I have a variable in project level that I assing this environment specific Keystore. So question is how can I redirect Request SSL Keystore property to this value, without manually reaching every request in the project?


Does anybody have any idea about it?

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    vivid ,

    two options come to my mind:

    • Open your project file in a text editor and find/replace all test step references to the SSL keystore
    • Make a groovy script, go through all REST test steps and change their SSL keystore via Groovy

    The first option might be easier.


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      thank you! It seems there is no one click solution. I will try the first approach