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5 years ago

How I can use JSON Path assertion for two different strings without using Groovy

I have a JSON Path assertion which expecting a string like "PAYMENT REVERSED" but sometimes the string also can be "PAYMENT REVERSAL". Is it possible to do as follows? (tried but didn't work) or what...
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    5 years ago

    Hi mpw83 


    I understand a reluctance relying on coding if you're not a coder (or if managers dont want to include code when considering future maintenance, etc.) - but adding a small 2 line script assertion would resolve this problem.


    Also - considering that the two possiible values are PAYMENT REVERSED and PAYMENT REVERSAL, wouldnt they have identical regex patterns anyway?


    a while back I had to assert that a certain json value had either of 2 values and nmrao  supplied me the following Script Assertion:

    //courtesy of Rao
    def jsonResponseContent = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(context.response) assert jsonResponseContent.parentattribute.childattribute == ['PAYMENT REVERSED' || 'PAYMENT REVERSAL']

    As I say - I know you say you dont want to use groovy script - but it's a two line script assertion - anyone reading this (even with zero groovy) would be able to understand what the code is actually doing.


    If you're still struggling with the JSON Regex match assertion - perhaps the above might help you?


    Just a suggestion, cheers,