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3 months ago

How do I update graphql API definition in my project

My imported graphql API schema is evolving and I would like to get the update mutations into my existing project.  Found documentation for updating REST and SOAP but don't see an "Update Definition" when I right click.

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    Hey msherman 


    If you've looking at the Update Definition and Refactor Definition functionalities, I'm afraid that these only cover REST, SOAP and Kafka (


    I'm afraid you'll have to update manually as far as I've been able to work out.


    This functionality used to cover just REST and SOAP and support for Kafka was introduced most recently.  I'm guessing if SmartBear believe enough people would be interested in having the equivalent functionality for GraphQL, then this functionality would be introduced.


    Suggest going to the feature request section ( and submitting a request for the outstanding functionality.


    Obviously this doesn't help for now, but perhaps in the future.....







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      I assumed as much.  Thanks for the quick response.