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5 years ago

Handling Graphql project environment



I am new to Soapui and Graphql. I started testing Graphql requests. But the project environments are not changing when I change the environments, though I saved different environments on the environment tab. I created project using 'URL'.


Thank you


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    Hey Shine!

    I'm not an expert with the Environments functionality in ReadyAPI!, but i spent a couple of weeks trying it out earlier in the year and i had problems. The domains did switch to the appropriate domain in my requests when once i'd setup the requests in the environments tab, but i found problems if the URI path altered as the domain(server/ip address) in my requests.

    Someone on this forum (that knows a lot more than i do, called nmrao) suggested switching environments via a project level properties file...1 for each environment rather than get bogged down with the Environments functionality and i've been using this approach ever since. I'd suggest using the same.

    If you still want to use the Environments functionality have you checked out



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      Thank you @ricie. May be it would help to point the actual link where you got the solution would help instead of explaining again if possible, because that could have more details and context.
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        Thanks for your reply richie. Can you explain how I can switch environments via project level properties file?

        That might get me a solution.